Pine Mountain Trail Run Details

Date and Time: SATURDAY, December 1st, 2018

46 mile - 6:00am

19 mile - 7:00 am

Directions to the Race

The race will start at the Group Shelter on Lake Delanor Rd. The park gate will open at 4:45 am. F. D. Roosevelt State Park is located just off I-185 near Callaway Gardens, west of Warm Springs, on Ga. Route 190, or south of Pine Mountain off U.S. Hwy. 27. Get more detailed directions on Google Maps.

All vehicles require an annual Georgia State Park pass or $5 daily paid pass. Every vehicle, everywhere in the park (this is important!) To save space in the park and maybe a few bucks, please carpool!

Aid Stations / Crew / Cutoffs

46 Miler Aid Station Dist from Prev AS Cutoff Drop Bag? Crew Access
6.2 Chestnut Oak/190 Crossing 6.2     NO
11.0 Fox Den Cove 4.9     YES
16.0 Mollyhugger Hill 5     YES
19.6 Dowdell Knob 3.6  12:00PM Yes YES
23.2 Rocky Point 3.6     YES
28.3 TV Tower 5.1 2:00PM   YES
30.1 Rocky Point 1.8     YES
33.7 Dowdell Knob 3.6 3:00PM Yes YES
37.3 Mollyhugger Hill 3.6     YES
40.2 Fox Den Cove 2.9 4:30PM   YES
43.1 Buzzard's Roost road xng (water only) 2.9     NO
46.0 Finish @ Shelter 2.9 6:00PM   YES


19 Miler Aid Station Dist from Prev AS Cutoff
5.9 Fox Den Cove 5.9  
10.8 Mollyhugger Hill 4.9  
13.5 Fox Den Cove 2.7 4:30PM
16.3 Buzzard's Roost road xng (water only) 2.9  
19.2 Finish @ Shelter 2.9 6:00PM


Given the difficult terrain of this course (rocks, anyone?), we are allowing an additonal half-hour for an official start time of 6:00AM. This means you must maintain a 15:39/mile pace from start to finish. For those who may require a bit more of a time cushion, we will have an early start option at 5:30AM. In order for this to happen, please note the following:

Cutoffs will be strictly enforced. Cutoff times for the 46-mile race will be generous to start and tighter toward the finish. If you are not sure you can go 20 miles in 6 hours, please consider the 19-mile distance. You must be through the aid station and on the trail BY the given time. If a station closes at 2:00PM, for example, you need to be through and on the trail at 1:59 or Franco will start throwing sandwiches at you.

ALL runners must be through Fox Den on their way back to the finish by 4:30 and be prepared to move!

If you drop, you MUST let an aid station captain know. If we are on the trail after dark looking for you and you're at the shelter eating BBQ, we will not be very happy. If you drop and receive transport back to the start before a volunteer can take you, please let the aid station captain know this as well.

Crew may access their runner at every stop or aid station EXCEPT the first and last road crossings, Chestnut Oak and Buzzard's Roost. Crew may only access their runner AT the aid station. If you require help by your crew or wish to sit, please move off the trail so other runners and hikers can easily pass through. Because you have the option to see your crew every few miles if you so please, this is a pacerless race.

Aid Stations
We will have water, Gatorade, and standard aid station sweet and salty snacks. We will not provide NSAIDS or other medications, so please keep any medically necessary items on your person. If you have dietary concerns, we encourage you to wear a pack or belt to carry your own fluids and calories, or pack a light drop bag. Some aid stations may have additional treats. Try not to offend any chefs. We are not liable if Franco throws a sandwich at you.

Drop Bags 
Drop bags will be accessible at Dowdell Knob for the 46-mile runners. Bags need to be lightweight, weather-resistant, easy to find, and very clearly labeled with your last name and bib number. Please do not pack your entire running wardrobe or kitchen pantry (we have grilled cheese!), or anything valuable or breakable. If you drop and need your bag, you are responsible for retrieving it from Dowdell Knob by 3:00PM or you can get it at the finish line sometime after that. If you drop at Dowdell, you'll take your bag with you when you get a ride or are transported by volunteers to the start. We are not responsible for lost or broken items.

Required Gear
Annual State Park or paid Day Pass for every vehicle in all areas of the park. (Again, this is important, especially if we want to keep having this race!)

Headlamp/flashlight: A light will be required at the start for both distances. All runners may drop their light at Fox Den, however if you are off the course before the station closes we might not have returned them to the start yet. Any runner of either distance leaving Fox Den after 3:30 will be required to retrieve their headlamp (and must show it is working) in order to be allowed to leave the aid station.

Strongly Recommended Gear
Gloves, hat, jacket and/or warm layer. Some years it's close to 70 degrees, other years it's been in the 40s and dumped rain all day. Recommended gear may become required gear if the weather turns nasty, so be prepared and at least have items with you. You can always drop them at Fox Den or with your bag at Dowdell Knob.

Hydration: Handhelds or vest with bottles and/or bladder. 

Whistle: You won't be very far from people at any given time, but we'll find you a lot quicker if you're hurt if we can hear you!

Septic-safe TP: There are no bathrooms along the course, just "lots of trees", according to Pine Mountain Trail Association.

Park map: Download to your phone or carry a paper copy with you. Wrong turns happen. Know how to get back on course!

Not Recommended or Banned Gear
Headphones are NOT allowed. Earbuds are OK. Please play your device at a reasonable volume to hear approaching runners and volunteer instructions.

Speakers or using your phone to play music out loud is also not allowed.

We do not have an official hiking pole policy, but I personally would not recommend them for this course. In the beginning there is too much risk of whacking another runner and there are no drastic elevation changes.

Park and Race Etiquette
The Pine Mountain Trail is beautiful but tricky. Passing is challenging. Be sure to move over for faster runners, and faster runners be sure to hold off on passing until it is safe. When you wish to pass, call it out. It may be safer to move to one side than the other, so it is not OK to holler "ON YOUR LEFT" just seconds before barreling by. There will be other runners and hikers on the trail and all racers must courteously announce their intention to pass and wait for there to be space to do so. We want everyone to have a good time AND to make good time, but not at the risk of a fall or sprain!

If you need to "go", please go off the trail! No one wants to run up on someone marking a tree 2 feet away from the trail. Septic-safe TP can be covered with leaves and left to decompose. If you need to do anything else, please try to dig a hole!

Be sure to listen to and thank our park rangers and volunteers!

If you miss a cutoff or are pulled for medical reasons, we understand you might get upset. Please do not take this out on the person pulling you. Save it for the race director; she can handle your anger and expressive language.

Please visit for additional park rules, especially if you are staying within the park!

Post-Race BBQ
Jason has entrusted his closely-guarded butt recipe and smoker to us so that we can continue our post-race tradition. All runners will receive a meal ticket. Crew and family will be asked to make a contribution to enjoy a meal as well. GUTS can not provide liquid libations outside of water, Gatorade, and soda. Any *other* libations you wish to enjoy must be kept to private-use areas, such as the group shelter or your cabin.

Results will be posted to the GUTS website and Ultrasignup. Please let us sleep before asking for them, however!

Packet Pick Up and Check In

NEW: Wednesday, 11/28 at Big Peach Running Company, Kennesaw. 10AM-8PM (1625 Ridenour Blvd ste. #304)

Friday, 11/30 at FDR State Park Group Shelter (start/finish). 4PM-7PM with pre-race dinner ($10/person - volunteers free)

Saturday, 12/1 at the Group Shelter. 46 miles - 4:45-5:45. 19 miles - 5:45-6:45. Please check in during your alotted time to avoid confusion at the check-in table!

PLEASE NOTE Only the gate for the main entrance across from the park office (Lake Delanor Rd) will be open for day-of check-in and the early start. If you wait for the gate off highway 354 to open,  you will miss the start!

If you have been tasked with picking up for multiple runners, please email the race director - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - with their names ahead of time so we can put your bibs and packets together. Runners may NOT pick up for others on race morning.

If you need to drop from the 46 to the 19, you must notify us by Friday, 11/30. We can not garuantee your finish will be accurately recorded if you wait until race day to make this decision. Likewise, if you wish to bump up to the 46, you will be asked to notify us and pay the difference by close of packet pickup Friday, 11/30.

ALL RUNNERS MUST CHECK IN on race morning during your alotted time. If you do not check in, we will assume you got cold feet and your name will be entered as a DNS. You also forfeit your rights to post-race BBQ.

Cabins and camping are available in FDR State Park. Visit the State Park website to reserve:

The Mountain Top Inn is located just two miles from the Start/Finish. The Mountain Top Inn has several lodging options available. Visit to book rooms, or call 706.663.4719.

In the town of Pine Mountain, just 10 minutes away you'll find the Chiley Murrah B&B, Garden Inn, and Days Inn.

A portion of the proceeds from the Pine Mountain Trail Mile Run will go to the Pine Mountain Trail Association, the Friends of FDR State Park, and the FDR State Park Search & Rescue Team. So far we have donated more than $7000 to the to these organizations.

Race Contact:
Jennifer Raby, Race Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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