Pine Mountain Trail Run Details

Date and Time:  Sunday, December 6, 2020

46 mile - 6:00am

19 mile - 9:00 am

Directions to the Race

All vehicles require an annual Georgia State Park pass or $5 daily paid pass. Every vehicle, everywhere in the park (this is important!) To save space in the park and maybe a few bucks, please carpool!

Aid Stations


Given the difficult terrain of this course (rocks, anyone?), we are allowing a generous amount of time for our 19-mile distance. Choose this race if you are new to trails or working up to the ultramarathon distance. The 46-mile race has a challenging 12-hour cutoff. This means you will have to run as much as you can, and practice hiking as fast as you can over hills and technical terrain!

Cutoffs will be strictly enforced. Cutoff times for the 46-mile race will be generous to start and tighter toward the finish. If you are not sure you can go 20 miles in 6 hours, please consider the 19-mile distance. You must be through the aid station and on the trail BY the given time. If a station closes at 2:00PM, for example, you need to be through and on the trail at 2:00.

If you drop, you MUST let an aid station captain know. If we are on the trail after dark looking for you and you're at the shelter eating BBQ, we will not be very happy. If you drop and receive transport back to the start before a volunteer can take you, please let the aid station captain know this as well.

Crew may access their runner at every stop or aid station EXCEPT the first and last road crossings, Chestnut Oak and Buzzard's Roost. Crew may only access their runner AT the aid station. If you require help by your crew or wish to sit, please move off the trail so other runners and hikers can easily pass through. Because you have the option to see your crew every few miles if you so please, this is a pacerless race.

Aid Stations
We will have water, Gatorade, and standard aid station sweet and salty snacks. Some kind and generous volunteers enjoying making snacks of their own to share, but please note we can not guarantee selections for specific dietary needs. So if you have a very rigid race diet, be sure to stock your pack well and take advantage of being able to access your drop bag during the 46-mile race. Please be polite and don't get cross with any volunteers if your favorite race food is not available. Franco may or may not be known to throw grilled cheese sandwiches at ornery runners.

Drop Bags 
Drop bags will be accessible at Dowdell Knob for the 46-mile runners. Bags need to be lightweight, weather-resistant, easy to find, and very clearly labeled with your last name and bib number. Please do not pack your entire running wardrobe or kitchen pantry, or anything valuable or breakable. If you drop and need your bag, you are responsible for retrieving it from Dowdell Knob or you can get it at the finish line sometime after the race has finished. If you drop at Dowdell, please take your bag with you if you get a ride back to the start/finish. GUTS is not responsible for lost, broken, or soggy items.

Required Gear
Annual State Park or paid Day Pass for every vehicle in all areas of the park. (Again, this is important, especially if we want to keep having this race!)

Headlamp/flashlight: 46-mile runners will need a strong headlamp or flashlight at the start as the first hour or so will be in the dark (or longer, if it's cloudy and rainy as in years past). We will NOT have a headlamp or flashlight drop this year... we inevitebly wind up with sweaty headlamps that have no home. You can leave it with your drop bag if you wish, but please note that if you are chasing cutoffs you may wish to have it to get you to the finish.

Hydration: Even our course record-holder carries a handheld. Have a bottle or hydration pack!

Strongly Recommended Gear
Gloves, hat, jacket and/or warm layer. Some years it's close to 70 degrees, other years it's been in the 40s and dumped rain all day. Recommended gear may become required gear if the weather turns nasty, so be prepared and at least have items with you. You can always drop them at Fox Den or with your bag at Dowdell Knob.

Whistle: You won't be very far from people at any given time, but we'll find you a lot quicker if you're hurt if we can hear you.

Septic-safe TP: There are no bathrooms along the course, just "lots of trees", according to Pine Mountain Trail Association.

Park map: Download to your phone or carry a paper copy with you. Wrong turns happen. Know how to get back on course! (purchase one here and have it delivered to you!)

Not Recommended 
Over-the-ear headphones are NOT allowed. Earbuds are OK. Please play your device at a reasonable volume to hear approaching runners and volunteer instructions. No judgments here if you need a little Kiss or Katy Perry to get you through this.

Speakers or using your phone to play music out loud is also not allowed. Don't be that guy (or girl).

Park and Race Etiquette
The Pine Mountain Trail is beautiful but tricky. Passing is challenging. Be sure to move over for faster runners, and faster runners be sure to hold off on passing until it is safe. When you wish to pass, call it out. It may be safer to move to one side than the other, so it is not OK to holler "ON YOUR LEFT" just seconds before barreling by. There will be other runners and hikers on the trail and all racers must courteously announce their intention to pass and wait for there to be space to do so. We want everyone to have a good time AND to make good time, but not at the risk of hurting yourself or someone else by not taking care to pass with caution.

If you need to "go", please go off the trail! No one wants to run up on someone marking a tree 2 feet away from the trail. Septic-safe TP can be covered with leaves and left to decompose. If you need to do anything else, please try to dig a hole!

Be sure to listen to and thank our park rangers and volunteers!

If you miss a cutoff or are pulled for medical reasons, we understand you might get upset. Please do not take this out on the person pulling you. Save it for the race director; she can handle your anger and expressive language.

Please visit for additional park rules, especially if you are staying within the park!

Post-Race BBQ
As has come to be expected, we will have post-race BBQ, that veggie soup that was so popular, and other yummy treats. Feel free to bring your own favorite treat or snack to share. We want everyone to be fed and happy!

Results will be posted to the GUTS website and Ultrasignup. Please allow a night or two for results to be loaded.

Packet Pick Up, Check-In, and Registration Changes

Friday, 12/6 at cabin #14 (view map here) - Come hang with us for some trail chat and pizzas from 5-7pm. Park at the LAKE and walk over from there.

Saturday, 12/7 at the Stone Shelter by the Liberty Bell Pool. 46 miles - 4:45-5:45. 19 miles - 7:45-8:45. Please check in during your alotted time to avoid confusion at the check-in table!

You may pick up for a friend, family member or significant other, but please do not hold up the check-in process by picking up for your entire squad.

You can change your registration up until the night before the race on UltraSignup. Drop-downs can occur the day of the race, but cancelations MUST be handled by YOU, online. If you do not take care of this before the race start, you will be counted as a DNS. We will not have the time to manage this for you if you change your mind at the last minute! If you wish to upgrade from the 19-46 your current registration will be canceled and you'll be directed to the payment screen where you'll pay for the 46-mile race.


Cabins and camping are available in FDR State Park. Visit the State Park website to reserve:

The Mountain Top Inn is located just two miles from the Start/Finish. The Mountain Top Inn has several lodging options available. Visit to book rooms, or call 706.663.4719.

In the town of Pine Mountain, just 10 minutes away you'll find the Chiley Murrah B&B, Garden Inn, and Days Inn.

A portion of the proceeds from the Pine Mountain Trail Mile Run will go to the Pine Mountain Trail Association, the Friends of FDR State Park, and the FDR State Park Search & Rescue Team. So far we have donated more than $7000 to the to these organizations.

Race Contact:
Jennifer Raby, Race Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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