Pine Mountain Race Course


The course will be well marked. Official state park waterproof trail maps are available at the park headquarters or by mail from the Pine Mountain Trail Assoc. You should not need a map on race day, but they're good to have and your crew will find they come in handy.

Click the map below for a detailed course map


Footing / Topography

The trall surface is very rocky in spots, and often leaf-covered. This makes training on uneven surfaces a very good idea as the constantly changing footing can be rough on tender ankles. Yes, you will most like smash your toes into sharp rocks repeatedly. Most likely, you will fall a few times. The topography is rolling hills. No major climbs, but plenty of smaller hills and long gradual climbs, rarely flat. Elevation profile information is not available for the race course (If someone runs it with a gps and sends me the data, I'll be happy to post it), but the elevation of the Pine Mountain Trail itself is between 899' and 1395'. There are a few minor stream crossings, roughly ankle deep, which you may or may not be able to cross without getting your feet wet, depending on your skills and the water levels.

Trail Courtesy
The Pine Mountain Trail is heavily used in the fall by Boy Scouts troups, many of which help maintain the trail. This is also the prime season for families as the temperatures cool and the mosquitoes are gone. The trail will be open to all users on race day. Please be courteous when encountering others on the trail!

PLEASE NOTE: The actual START of each race will be on the road/dam of Lake Delanor. You’ll be directed to the start at packet pickup. GPS mapping typically comes up short of what the description of the race provides, but it does not account for every bump, twist, and turn that adds to a lot more cumulative mileage than the maps show!
Pine Mountain Trail Association Map:

Race Contact:
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