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Second Quarter 2013

Happy Trails...

Greeting from the President

Fantastic spring weather has finally arrived and every upcoming weekend is packed with races and fun training runs. Amazing acts of endurance are now commonplace with GUTSie runners.  Check out the calendar in this issue for upcoming events and special training runs.


GUTS reached a milestone this spring, as we received our 1,000th “like” on Facebook. It is exciting to see the club continue to grow in popularity and attract more runners to trail and ultrarunning.


We continue to meet every Tuesday for a run at Kennesaw Mountain Park. Meet at 6:15 p.m. at the water fountain located next to the trail, behind the visitor center. We run 6 miles, and have runners doing paces from darn fast to nice and slow.  The first Tuesday of each month the run goes “up and over” the mountain and is then followed by beer & pizza at the Marietta Pizza Company.  Now that daylight savings has brought us extra hours of daylight, we have plenty of time to run over the mountain. It’s a great way to build up an appetite!

Happy Trails,
Janice Anderson


Registration is Open for Hot to Trot

Registration for the 11th annual Hot to Trot run is now open and spots are filling fast. We are going to have a record number of runners this year. The course will remain the same and hopefully rain free! Local artist Gabrielle Perry will be creating one of a kind awards again this year. The post race food, created by the RD, also promises to be great this year. The race is on August 3 from 8-4. Register now as Hot To Trot usually sells out in two to three weeks.


Click here to learn more.


Runnin' and Rumblin'

What an incredible day we had for the 6th annual Red Top Rumble! I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect day. After a bit of rain, sleet, and snow on Saturday (yes, all three in just a couple hours!), the sky cleared Saturday night, and the course was in good shape for an amazing race! It was inspiring to watch several newer trail runners accomplish their very first trail race and hear about all of the PR's broken! Lots of GUTS members were in attendance either running or volunteering.


There was a great race up front. Tim Tatarka and Sean Run Bum Blanton battled it out at the and Tim took the overall win in a time of 1:16:02 and Sean close behind in 1:16:35. Kaye Starosciak was the first overall female running a great race in a time of 1:21:28. Shawn McKinnon (1:20:36) and Beth Wiggins (1:31:10) took the overall win in the men's and women's Masters division and Bill Everage (1:28:13) and Sabra Cohen (1:43:46) took the win in the Grand Masters division. Full results are available on the GUT website
We also had 40+ kids enjoy a great 1.1 mile Kids Trail Trot. They seemed to have a great time and I know the kids' goodie bags and medals were a hit. We really enjoy getting the kids involved and hope you will bring them back next year!


It takes a large team of volunteers to help put on the Rumble. We appreciate all of the people who took time out of their weekends to give back to the running community. There were 50+ people that showed up very early and stayed late in the day to make sure everything was perfect. We love our volunteers!


A special thanks to our very own Ryan Cobb for preparing some exceptional food. Ryan and his family have generously prepared the food for our runners for many years, and we appreciate all he does for the Red Top Rumble! The BBQ and sides refueled a bunch of hungry runners, and the hot chocolate warmed us up on a brisk morning.


We are absolutely thrilled to report that GUTS was able to make a very generous $5500 donation back to the Friends of Red Top Mountain group from proceeds from the event. They do some amazing activities and are really active in helping grow the park.



Operation Endurance
24, 12 & 6 Hour Runs


What an amazing day for a run! Runners at this year's Operation Endurance definitely had amazing weather! Maybe that accounts for the high mileage that was racked up this year, or maybe it was the Easter eggs that some special volunteers placed along the track. Either way, it was a good day!


Dave Carver won the 24 hour race and set a new course record with 124.375 miles, breaking the Canadian age group record for 100 miles in under 15 hours. Cherie Yanek won the women's race with 87.56 miles.

In the 12 hour race, Joe Fejes also set a new course record with 78.60 miles, and Rachel Langelotti also set a new course record with 62.685 miles.


New course records were also set by the winners of the 6-hour race, with Alex Young logging 36.815 miles and Candy Findley running 33.83 miles.


Last but not least, we had a relay team this year!! Darby Association Ranger Run team racked up 162 laps in the 24 hour relay!! Their mileage was :

Daniel Jimenez - 30
Donald Wyant - 30
Jesus Zuniga - 29
John Martinez - 24
Chris Rocha - 24
Bryson Shipman - 24


Click here for the full results.


Congratulations to everyone who participated this year! And as usual, a huge thanks goes out to our volunteers who always make Operation Endurance a success!!


Thanks to everyone for coming out and being apart of this awesome event!


Click here to see more photos from the event.



MMM Is Right Around The Corner!


With all this beautiful Spring weather, Fall races may be the last thing on your mind, but it's time to start planning! The best trail marathon in the Southeast is scheduled for October 13, 2013, and registration is OPEN!


Join GUTS for the sixth annual Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12-Miler at beautiful Fort Mountain State Park. If you've never been to FMSP, you are in for a treat: beautiful and challenging trails, amazing views, and fascinating mysterious history (see our website for more details about how MMM got its name). If you have run MMM before, though, you know the best part is joining old and new friends and hanging out in the awesome family-reunion atmosphere the race provides. Whether you want to challenge yourself to the full marathon, or join the fun in the 12-miler, don't miss out on this annual favorite.


For more information, check out our website: Be sure to like our Facebook page (under the Events tab on the GUTS Facebook page) so you can join the chatter and hear about training runs and race updates. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to email Kim: (And of course, if you can't run, use this same email address if you'd like to take part as a volunteer! We needs lots of 'em!)



GUTS FatAss Donation


GUTS donated $300 to Sweetwater State Park, to assist in the purchase of a new chain saw.  This donation was made to recognize the park’s support for our events, specifically for the support of this year’s FatAss 50K.



GUTS MMMay MMMembers' Training Run at Fort Mountain State Park


Join GUTS for our May Members' Training Run at Fort Mountain State Park.


Sunday, May 26
9:00 a.m.

Meet in the beach parking lot (follow signs to the Main Group Shelter and the lake/beach)


We will run the 12-mile course route from Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12-Miler, and then enjoy some fabulous Memorial Day weekend people-watching as we share post-run snacks and beverages.


*** If you do not know the route, you MUST carry a map! I'll have a few available, but please allow time to grab one from the Visitor's Center on your way into the park. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so I can highlight the route on your park map.


Also, please carry water! I will drop water on the route, but it will be HOT! Also remember to bring your annual GA state park parking pass, or the required $5 for self-pay parking.


RSVP and/or questions: Be sure to check the MMM Facebook event page for updates.


See you there!


Welcome New GUTS Members

Click here for a list of the newest GUTS members.


Trail Work Day at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Get ready to volunteer!

This year REI will be partnering with Georgia State Parks at Sweetwater Creek State Park for the American Hiking Society's National Trails Day on Saturday, June 1st.


Registration is now LIVE:


They Got Schicked

GUTS member Rich Schick had plenty of reason to celebrate after he recently won the Gator Trail 50k ultramarathon. But thanks to some obscure records tracked by the AARS, Rich is now #1 in the world for the length of time between the first ultramarathon a person wins and the most recent win.


The rankings can be found at

"As world rankings go it is pretty far off the beaten path, but it still pretty cool to know you have something that sets you apart from the rest of humanity," Said Shick. "It also shows that a little talent and luck can combine with a lot of patience and dedication to produce some impressive results."


ULTRA Recipe:

Tri-Color Quinoa Stuffed Peppers



How many of us are trying to squeeze in an evening run AND make dinner? This one is perfect for one of those nights. All the prep work can be done ahead of time and then when you get back from your run, stick them into the oven and VIOLA!


Click here to read more.


Race Calendar

GUTS events

  • May 26, 2013 - GUTS Members' Training Run, Fort Mountain State Park, 9 a.m.

  • August 3, 2013 - Hot to Trot 8-Hour Run

  • October 13, 2013 - Mystery Mountain Marathon & 12 Mile Trail Race

  • December 8, 2013- Pine Mountain 40 Mile Trail Run

Click here for more events.


GUTS Member Spotlights

Aaron Dwileski

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Katie Fisher

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“Don’t let a bear do it for you…..

Q:  With so many uphills around Atlanta and in races, is there a strategy for dealing with them?

A: The more you run hills, the more you will be able to run hills! Don’t shy away from running them during training, as you will get stronger on uphills by incorporating them into regular runs and even workouts. Going uphill, shorten and quicken your stride, keep your back straight (resist the urge to slump or lean over), and keep the focus on picking your feet up.  Try not to look for the top of the hill, focus on forward movement, and you will be to the top in no time.


Q: Many runners use handhelds for ultras, but it seems like carrying them burns a lot of extra energy and makes my arms tired, especially over a hundred miles. Are handhelds the best water carrying method?

A: Indeed some energy is expended to carry your water, but realistically no more energy to carry it your hands versus on your back or waist. It usually comes down to personal preference.  If you plan to use them, you should train with handhelds to strengthen your arms for the longer events. Likewise, you should practice wearing a pack if that is part of your race plan. Some advantages of handhelds are they are easier to see how much you've consumed, you can carry/mix different products (water & electrolyte), no chafing or bouncing, faster refills at aid stations, and they might even protect your hands in a fall.  But a pack offers more carrying capacity for fluids and other items, so a pack should be considered when there are few or far-between stations or there is a need to carry extra supplies or if you like to keep your hands free.


Race Reports


Georgia Death Race

Jeff Gelinas


Lake Martin 50
Holly Adams


Mt Cheaha 50k
Jason Rogers


24 Hours of Hostelity

Noemy Clayborn


GUTS Patagonia Gear Order

It's time for our spring Patagonia order! We are ordering men's and women's tanks, short-sleeve shirts and shorts.  The tanks, shirts and the shorts will all be printed with the GUTS logo.


Click here to learn more.