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GUTS Member Spotlight: Joy Sandoz

  1. Name: Joy Sandoz
  2. Age: 42
  3. Birthplace/Hometown: Born in Charleston, SC. I was a Navy brat, so didn’t stay anywhere long enough to have a hometown.
  4. Years Running? Almost 7... I think?
  5. A trail runner? An ultra runner? I’m not sure what I do can be called running half the time, but Yes, to both.
  6. Favorite quote: “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”
  7. Personal philosophy: wikiHow has an 11 step plan - with pictures - for developing a personal philosophy. It’s supposed to be a “deeply rewarding life experience.” Who can sit still that long? I’m going to go make something.
  8. Personal hero: I have met so many wonderful people, and read about many more - it’s impossible to pick just one.
  9. Book you are currently reading: Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much, by Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir
  10. Favorite vacation location: White Mountains in New Hampshire
  11. Pet Peeve: Off-leash dogs.
  12. Favorite place to run: Outside.
  13. What is your favorite time of day to run? Middle of the day
  14. Short Term goal: Survive the Georgia Death Race
  15. Long Term goal: Complete a vintage sundress pattern without having to resew the darts 20 times.
  16. Best race experience: Running with my daughter around the track at Merrill’s Mile in epic downpours during the middle of the night. We were playing leap frog in ankle deep water with actual frogs. It was pretty amazing.
  17. Most monumental struggle during a race: Macon Rock-n-Rollman Half Iron a couple years ago. I DNF’d with heat issues on a 98 degree day the first time. The next year, I limped across the finish, wheezing. Found out I’d been running with metatarsal stress fractures and asthma.
  18. Favorite piece of running gear: Audible App (Technically, this makes the iPhone my favorite gear.)
  19. Favorite post-run food/drink: Sonic Tater Tots
  20. Chronic injuries?: Afraid to answer this one and jinx myself!
  21. Favorite pacer and crew: My husband, Matthew, and our daughter, DangerGirl.
  22. Most intriguing item found on the trail (money doesn’t count!): Penny “Pinhoti” UltraPup, though I wasn’t the person she found on the trail.
  23. Favorite non-running leisure activity: Arts & Crafts.
  24. Interesting fact about you that we’d never think to ask: I have two brothers named James. Yes, like “this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl.”