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GUTS Member Spotlight: Franco Conti

  1. My name- According to my birth certificate I'm, Calogero Francesco Conti Taguali,
    To my running friends I'm Franco.
  2. Age- I was born June 30 1951 that makes me 62 years old.
  3. Birthplace/ home town- I was born in Italy, home town Tortorici Sicily
  4. Years running- I have burning Rubber for 48 years.
  5. A trail runner- or ultra runner? I have run all. Road, trail , and ultra.
  6. Favorite qoute- Embrace your family love life because what else more is there.
  7. Personal philosophy- If you see day light it is going be good day.
  8. Personal hero- Any one that goes the extra mile above and beyond are all hero
  9. Book you are currently reading- Book of books the old and new testaments
  10. Favorite vacation location- I been all over the world, but l love going to the great smokey
    Mountain to Gatlinburg Tennessee crazy ha.
  11. Pet peeve- I respect all animal, excepted snakes shoot them all
  12. Favorite place to run- I love to run at the Mountain, my favor Coosa Country (Vogel)
  13. what is the favor time a day to run- Early morning when mist, fog, and sun rising.
  14. Goals are a means to end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives- they are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in direction- the only reason we really pursue goals is to cause ourselves t expand and grow- achieving goals by them selves will never make us happy in the long term- it,s who you become- as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve you goals- that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sence of fulfillment-
  15. best race experience- in my early days in high school I made to state competition- and my other experience is qualifying for Boston marathon time 2:58-
  16. Most monumental struggle during a race- Mystery Mountain Marathon-
    At Fort Mountain Ga- climbing the Conti clime I though for sure that was the end that I was going to cross over, but good friend Sandy Geisel and Steve Micheal see that I finished-
  17. Favorite piece running gear- that is a easy one- it would be (shoes)-
  18. Favorite post run drink- lemon lime Gatorade-
  19. Chronic injuries- (non)
  20. Favor pacer or crew- really you what ask me question 21 what I thick pacer and crew I pass-
  21. Most intriguing item that I found on trail- one early morning running at Kennsaw Mountain - running from the visitor center crossing Burt Hickory Road - on bottom of the steps I found a dead men- in his car- he must drove off the road-
  22. Favorite non- running leisure activity- trout fishing in Mountains-
  23. Interesting fact about you that we'd never thick to ask- never thing to ask what shapes our life- are the question we ask- refuse to ask - or never think to ask-