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Sunday, September 1, 2013
Rain or Shine!
7:00 a.m. EST - both events

50 mile and 50KM races designed to help runners achieve a new distance and allow veteran runners to run a speedy time or tune up for upcoming fall events. Both races utilize a variety of relatively easy trails, including weaving single-track and broad open fields, as well as narrow trails along the Chattahoochee River. With moderate hills and trails, the course is designed for fast times and for those looking to try their first trail ultra.

Sweetwater Creek State Park, located in Lithia Springs, GA, less than 20 miles west of Atlanta. The Start and Finish lines are located at the Group Shelter.

$49 for both the 50km and 50 Miles
GUTS members receive a $5 discount
Combined races limited to 200 participants
Only entries received by August 1st will have guaranteed shirt size.
No refunds. No transfers. No exceptions.
A portion of our proceeds will go towards support of Sweetwater State Park.
Click here to register on Ultrasignup.

NEW ULTRA RULE: You must list your mobile number in your emergency contacts!!
Connect with other participants on the Facebook event page.

The Group Shelter will be the location for the start and the finish. Parking and restrooms are located at Group Shelter. Additional parking and restrooms are located next to the Visitor’s center (approximately ¼ mile from Group Shelter).

Awards – 50mile & 50km
Women/Men: Overall & Masters
No duplication or mailing of awards.
All Finishers receive an award and possibly a beer.

Time Limits
13 hours for the 50 mile
11 hours for the 50k

Race Contact:
Email: Race Director

Portion of proceeds will go to support Sweetwater State Park.

• Connect with other participants on the Facebook event page.

For more information on the race and the Yeti Trail Runners, click here.


Race Start
Both races begin at 7:00 a.m. at the Group Shelter; follow signs in the park to the Group Shelter. 

Packet Pick-up
Saturday, August 31st, 1:00-5:00 p.m. at the Visitor’s Center in Sweetwater State Park
Sunday (Race day), September 1st, at the Group Shelter, starting at 5:30 am

Directions to Sweetwater State Park
Address: 1750 Mt Vernon Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Directions on Park website: http://www.gastateparks.org/SweetwaterCreek#directions

From I20 Westbound from Atlanta:  Exit #44 at Thornton Road, turn left and go 1/4 mile. Turn right on Blairs Bridge Road. After 2 miles, turn left on Mount Vernon Road. After 1 mile, park entrance is on the left (after lake).

From I20 Eastbound from Birmingham, AL:  Exit #41 at Lee Road, turn right. After approximately 1 mile, turn left on Cedar Terrace Rd. After 1 mile, turn right on Mount Vernon Road. In less than ½ mile, the park entrance is on the left (after lake).

Aid Stations – GOING GREEN!
There will be NO paper cups at the aid stations. You must carry your UltrAspire Race Cup. Each runner will be provided a cup in their race packet. If you want anything to drink outside of what you put in your water bottle, then you will need to carry your own cup!

This cup is awesome!  UltrAspire has provided the cups to the race at a discounted price (retail is $6.50).  Snakebite paid for them, this was not an added cost to you.  They are a phthalate free, BPA free and PVC free 6oz cup.  Completely foldable, enough to stick in a shorts pocket, the cups are also equipped with a loop to clip on somewhere with a carabiner or cord.

Hopefully most of you will be psyched with this option.  There will likely be some racers unhappy with breaking the tradition of the aid station tables lined with pre-filled cups. But think of the reduced waste!  If you used a paper cup at each of the five aid stations, and half of the field did the same, that is 500 cups going straight in the garbage (200 field size /2 = 100 runners x 5 aid stations).  Even if the paper cups are recycled, it is still added waste.  Now each of you will have your own cup to carry not only at Snakebite, but to every race you attend.  It is great step towards reducing waste and going green!

Aid Stations – Mileage
It is highly recommended that you carry a water bottle.  There will be 5 Aid Stations. The distance between stations could take some runners over one hour.  Please plan accordingly.
The Yeti Snakebite is an out and back course for both the 50mile and 50K. There are 5 aid stations that will be utilized in both the outbound and inbound directions, for a total of 10 aid stations. Approximate mileage listed below is for the outbound direction.

  • 6 miles – Visitor’s Center –drops and crews allowed, as it is walking distance to the start/finish!
  • 10.5 miles – Middle of the Woods –Fluids ONLY station; no crews and no drops allowed
  • 15.5 miles – @Tributary –50K Turnaround; crews and drops allowed                       
  • 20 miles – Bridge –no crews and no drops

25 miles – Champs Clock Shop – 50mile turnaround; crews and drops allowed; http://www.champsclock.com/find.htm

Time Limits and Aid Station Cutoff times
13 hour time limit for both races

50K Aid Station Cutoffs
15.5 miles – @Tributary – 6 hours (1:00pm)
25 miles - Visitor’s Center – 10.5 hours (5:30pm)

50 Mile Aid Station Cutoffs
25 miles – Champs Clock Shop – 6.5 hours (1:30pm)
34.5 miles – @Tributary – 9 hours (4:00pm)
44 miles - Visitor’s Center – 11.5 hours (6:30pm)

Please do not harass the aid station volunteers to let you continue after the cutoff. The cutoffs are for your safety.  We need you off the trails by dark.  Additionally, it will be the discretion of the race director and EMT supervisors to pull a runner from the race if it is determined unsafe for the runner(s) to continue.

Drop Bags
Drop bag service will be provided for the 50 mile at the turnaround point. Bags must be placed in the collection point at the packet pickup no later than 6:30am on race day. Bags will be returned to the finish line after the turnaround station is closed.

Pacers – Crew – Drops
Pacers are NOT allowed.
Crews: Permitted at certain areas along the course and are encouraged to hang out at Champs Clock Shop Aid Station (turn around Mile 25). All crew sites are within 15 minutes from Sweetwater Creek State Park.   
Crew Locations:

  • 6 miles outbound / 20.5/39.5 miles inbound – Visitor’s Center –drops and crews allowed, as it is walking distance to the start/finish!
  • 15.5 miles outbound/34.5 miles inbound – @Tributary –50K Turnaround; crews and drops allowed                       
  • 25 miles – Champs Clock Shop – 50mile turnaround; crews and drops allowed; http://www.champsclock.com/find.htm

If you must drop out of the race, please tell an aid station captain or a volunteer!  We want to assure all runners are ok and safe.  And we don’t want the park to spend valuable resources looking for you when you’re actually down the street at the buffet. J
The following 2 Aid stations will be NO DROP AID STATIONS

  • Middle of the Woods Aid station – mile 10.5 outbound and miles 20.5(50K)/39.5(50M) inbound
  • Bridge Aid Station – mile 20 outbound and mile 30 inbound

Drops – 50mile to 50K: If you started the 50 mile and its turning out not to be your day, then you may drop down to the 50km. You must declare your intention to drop from the 50 mile to the 50K to the Aid Station captain. The Aid Station captain will provide a special sticker for your runner’s bib to denote the change.  Please also verify at the finish line that you have been switched to the shorter event.

Parking fees
There is a $5 parking fee in the State Park. This fee is NOT included in your entry. Fee envelopes will be available at check-in.  There are numerous Self Pay Boxes throughout the park. Georgia Annual State Park passes may be purchased at the park headquarters or online.

Postrace Celebration
Postrace food and beverage will be served to celebrate your finish.

If you don’t plan on running or have someone attending who would like to volunteer, please let us know. Email getguts@hotmail.com with the subject “Snakebite Volunteer”.

Hampton Inn & Suites (3 miles from park); HamptonInnLithiaSprings
999 Bob Arnold Dr, Lithia Springs, GA; (770) 745-9990
Country Inn & Suites (3 miles from park); CountryInnLithiaSprings
960 W Pointe Ct, Lithia Springs, GA; (678) 945-0945

Fairfield Inn & Suites (3 miles from park); FairfieldLithiaSprings
976 West Pointe Court, Lithia Springs, GA 30122; (770) 739-2800

Hilton Garden Inn (3 miles from park); HiltonGardenInnLithiaSprings
110 Interstate W Pkwy, Lithia Springs, GA; (770) 949-8980

All runners should be aware of changing weather. Conditions can change quickly, so be prepared. 
Lithia Springs Average Temperatures:
August Avg High: 89, Avg Low: 67
September Avg High: 83, Avg Low: 60



Course Description
You will start in Sweetwater Creek State Park and follow the trail across the river and onto a service road, once on the highest ridge in the park you will start your descent back to the creek. You will follow the creek past the mill and then along the falls where you will turn right on the yeti trails. Once on the yeti trails you will wind your way around single-track and connect with a flat and winding nature trail. After spending a couple of miles on the nature trail, you will make a sharp right onto a abandoned jeep road where you will wind your way through pines and eventually leave the small wooded area and connect with the creek again. You will then enter park property again alongside of the Chattahoochee River where you will find the miles to be relaxing as you pass by fields blackberry bushes. You will then reach Champs Clock Shop where you can catch up with your crew and hear the bell ring in the tower. You will then turn around and make your way back to the park via the route you traveled out on.

Click here to view the course elevation from start to the turnaround (Mile 1-25).

Trail Course Markings - General
As simple as this may sound, this is NOT a road race. There will be no mile markers. It will not always be 100% apparent which way to go. There may not always be another runner in sight. It is entirely possible that you could get lost or sustain a serious injury in this race. No matter how careful you are, you might fall or trip along the way. Ultimately YOU are responsible for running this race, being careful, and following the course markings.

The course will be marked with a combination of surveyor’s tape, directional arrows, and spray chalk. Turns will be marked with one or more of these methods.  The trail will also have “confidence” markers every 2-5 minutes, even when there are no turns off the main trail – this is to assure runners they are on the right path.  As you run the course you should continually look for markings to be sure you are on the right course.  Do not turn onto a side trail unless you see markings indicating a turn.  If you have not seen a marker in over 5 minutes, then consider retracing your steps to the last known marker or waiting for another runner.

Trail Course Markings
On the way out, the course markers will be on your right, on the way in, they will be on your left. Important Rule: Don’t turn off the trail unless you are prompted to turn by all kinds of pink stuff hanging on bushes and trees.

The course will be marked, but not heavily marked. It will be your responsibility as a trail runner to stay on course (if you don’t like to stay on course then I would suggest downloading the map of the course and carry it along).

What happens if I get off course? You must return to the point in which you left the course and tell yourself to stop looking down at your feet and start looking up and to enjoy the scenery.

Trail Courtesy
It can be difficult to pass other runners in a trail race, especially on single-track trails. If you are ready to pass another runner you should verbally indicate your intention by saying “may I pass?”, or “trail left” or “trail right”.  The runner should then yield the trail by moving over as much as possible. As soon as you have room, pass the other runner quickly.  If someone asks to pass you, then follow the same rules of courtesy, and move over when requested. Even if you can move partially off the trail or turn slightly sideways, this should be enough room for someone to quickly move past you. Or, if you are looking for an excuse to rest, just step off the trail and wait until they are gone!

Trail courtesy relies on communication between runners.  Headphones naturally impair the ability of runners to hear one another on the trail.  (They also hinder your ability to hear bears!)  Please consider leaving your headphones behind.  If you absolutely must wear headphones, please keep the volume low and consider removing one earbud when around other runners and at aid stations.

Sweetwater Trails will NOT be closed during the race. You may encounter hikers on the course on race day. Please be courteous. Announce your approach in order to allow them time to move off the trail.

Leave no Trace
Do not leave any litter on the course. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified and ostracized.  Leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you find them. Observe wildlife from a distance and do not approach or feed them.

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